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Services Overview

So, what exactly is it that we do?

Without providing an exhaustive list of services, the short answer, is that we have the ability to take care of all details related to the planning, production, and presentation of the event.  From talent acquisition, staging, audio, lighting, transportation, down to the coconut water in the dressing rooms, we’ll get it done.

SAA Equipment & Personnel

Our patented staging technology rolls on and off a natural grass field without leaving a trace.  The best part…when time matters on a game day, we can get the entire production on and off the field within just minutes!

Having produced hundreds of events gives our world class personnel unparalleled experience to create quality. Every aspect of the production is handled with a level of detail and care that only SAA can provide. We’ve got this.

Brief Service List

Select Artists Associates, LLC offers our business partners a full complement of marketing support and services.

Our Core